No Monthly Account Fee

  • FNSKU Label – £0.45 per item
  • Bundle fee – £0.25
  • Box Fee – From £1.50
  • Poly Bags – £0.15
  • Bubble Wrap £0.25
  • Carton Forwarding – £1.50
  • Integration Fee (e.g. Amazon FBM) – £15 per month
  • Pallet Shipping – £60
  • Amazon Returns – £1

All fees above are subject to change. All fees exclude VAT.

What is “Carton Forwarding“?

Carton forwarding generally relates to Private Label sellers that import bulk goods in one go, they are in carton quantities so when we receive, we do not have to open each box and inspect each item, they are received, stored and sent out as cartons. For this we offer a carton fee instead of a per item fee.

For services such as Online Arbitrage we charge per item fees as each item is normally received individually and inspected e.g., best before dates, damage, stored and requires labelling when despatched to Amazon.

How does our Bundling Fee work?

Our Bundling Fee includes all prep required for your items, such as poly bags and bubble wrap. So instead of paying for each individual items prep requirements you’re paying for an all encompassing bundle fee.

Example with 100 units of Glass Cups:

£0.45 Item Fee (x100 units)  + £0.25 Bubble Wrap Fee (x100 units) =  £70for 100 units prep

Example with 100 units of Buttons bundled into packs of 20:

£0.45 (x5 units) + £0.25 (x 5 packs) = £3.50 for 5 bundles of 20

Personalised Business Plans

If you intend on shipping a higher level of stock that the average seller, we can fully customise your shipment plan to your business.

100% Automation

With our advanced shipping plan, we create your Seller Central shipping plan on a weekly basis. We handle everything so you don’t need to. While you’re sat back relaxing, we’re making you money.

Integration Fees.

The integration fees relate to fulfilling direct to customer orders via methods such as Amazon FBM, eBay or Shopify stores, this is where we connect via API, so orders are automatically imported into our system, orders are picked, packed and shipped out, the tracking number is then returned to the marketplace. 

We cannot integrate for FBA so the process for raising orders is as followed: 

  • Download our inventory report

  • Create shipment in Amazon based on the products and quantities available

  • Select the products you wish to ship in the report and upload these to our system via csv as an order

  • Our packing team will have limited access privileges to your seller central account so will now pick up the order, generate labels, pack the order and complete the box content information to generate UPS or pallet labels

Alternatively, we can create shipments for you the cost of £0.10 per item. 

We bring you the best in the business with experience and knowledge.

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Business Insights

Having been in business for almost 5 years we here at Uppfylla have expanded our reach exponentially during this time. Through every challenge thrown our way we’ve worked hard as a team to overcome these and grow as a company.

Ask us what we can do for you.

We offer a range of services from Amazon FBA to Private Label. From a simple & easy to set up shipping plan to a fully automated personalised business plan, we can accommodate for you are you business no matter the size.