Who are we? We are Uppfylla, formerly known as Direct2EU. Uppfylla is a prep and distribution company that specialises in moving high volumes of items efficiently and accurately. We aim to keep the cost low and the service quality high. Whether you are importing goods from around the world or sourcing directly from the UK we can be your local hub to centralise your inventory and store your stock. With our 4 warehouses, we have the storage and skills to handle whatever you need. Here at Uppfylla, our strength is connecting you to the key eCommerce marketplaces in 2021.

Whether you are an SME looking to outsource your warehouse operation or an established international seller wanting to expand into the UK and Europe, we can help you every step of the way. We offer a wide variety of services from Pick, Prep and Pack to managing your Amazon Seller Central Shipments. Whether you’re a small local business looking for a distribution company or a larger corporation looking for part time storage. Whatever you need we have the experience and skill to help you.

Where did we begin?

Uppfylla began in a small 2,500 warehouse on the Anglesey Business Park in Hednesford, started by Alex Wilkinson-Hughes. He started out as a seller and after noticing demand for sellers wanting to outsource their prep and products. With very limited options in the market back in 2018, especially companies utilizing proper systems and software’s such as mintsoft, Uppfylla met that need, being one of the only companies created by an Amazon Seller FOR Amazon Sellers. We grew organically from participating in Facebook groups, offering help and support at no cost to the clients with the intention of building trust and establish authority on the subject. Building the company from the ground up. Uppfylla was built around fulfilling orders based around Online Arbitrage, Wholesale and Private Label. Originally offering services to entry level arbitragers and providing pathways to develop their skills and selling experience. Assisting them in growing their business in any way we could. We progressed and developed our skills and services with our customers.

Born out of the need for a reliable, trustworthy and efficient 3PL provider Uppfylla has established itself a go to provider for e-commerce sellers across the world. Now Uppfylla occupies 30,000sqft on the Anglesey Business Park spaced across 4 separate warehouses, our company has grown and expanded and is now one of the most well-established companies in the industry. We now offer a large range of services and options from 3PL services including D2C order fulfilment to specialist Amazon prep services. Offering Bespoke services that work for you, our team becomes your team. Utilising our cloud-based WMS you have full control of your business with direct integrations to all major marketplaces, couriers for seamless order despatch and a full reporting suite to data analysis.

With our part time and full-time hours available to our staff, we aim to keep working schedules flexible in order to create a friendly and welcoming environment. By prioritizing our staffs needs and lives, we can ensure they are happy, healthy and relaxed, by doing so we can guarantee a friendly working environment which in turn creates a more efficient team ethic.

Our team works efficiently, we communicate fluidly and openly with one another in order to fulfil our clients requests as quickly as we can. The respect and trust exchanged mutually amongst our team creates a reliable and open team structure. We’ve built our team from the ground up, prioritizing hiring staff that displayed trustworthiness, honesty and loyalty. With hands on learning and opportunities to learn as you work, we’ve hired staff with little to no experience in the industry and gave them the options to gain qualifications. With 2 warehouse apprentices and 2 members of staff going through digital marketing courses, we align our views and ethics in the pursuit of knowledge and education.

We are Dedicated.

Our warehouse operatives work together in unison to ensure your products are stored, picked, prepped and shipped as safely and as efficiently as possible

We are Reliable.

Our office team are knowledgeable & ready to answer you calls ands queries. During our Office Working Hours there will always be someone there to pick up the phone and help

We are Determined.

With our extensive seller experience we understand precisely what you need and we have the skills and capabilities to fulfil your requirements

Trusted by our clients to get the job done:

Our Values.

Led by Alex Wilkinson-Hughes, an experienced seller trading across all eCommerce platforms since 2012, Uppfylla has had a clear ethos instilled in its team from the very beginning. The team is made up of full time and part time employees who understand the necessity for efficient yet accurate work to ensure your brand is represented to the highest standards and seasonal staff to ensure our industry-leading turnaround times do not drop throughout Quarter 4.


Our warehouse and order handling are managed by a cloud based WMS, giving you 24/7 visibility.

Honesty & Trust

We pride ourselves on offering a honest and open service so you can focus on growing your business.

Professional Team

Our team of full time staff understand we are an extension of your company and represent you to the highest standard.


We are here to ennable your business to grow and we love working on new projects and ideas

Our Offices.

UK Office

Unit 124, Anglesey Business Park, Littleworth Rd, Cannock WS12 1NR

Germany Office

Friedrichstraße 114A, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Ask us what we can do for you.

We offer a range of services from Amazon FBA to Private Label. From a simple & easy to set up shipping plan to a fully automated personalised business plan, we can accommodate for you are you business no matter the size.